With air switch design, you can direct vape by inhaling. In addition, if the draw-activated mechanism fails, the system will automatically disable the draw-activated working mode.

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Utillian - 721 Vaporizer


Yocan - REGEN Starter Kit

The discreet and advanced concentrate Yocan Regen Vape pen has one of the most powerful batteries of 1100mAh giving you the best of vaping experience without the hassle of charging frequently. The concentrate vaporizer uses the two of the most famous Yocan Coils – Quartz Tri Coil and Quartz Dual Coil. The atomizer tube has a magnetic connection with the base of the atomizer which establishes convenience and ease upon usage like no other vape pen. It comes with a hanging ring which allows a care-free usage making it extremely handy and user friendly. Beneath the battery, the Yocan Regen Vape Pen has a wax jar of a wax concentrate capacity of 2ml. This has been especially designed to store your wax concentrate on-the-go allowing you to vape for as much as you want and as long as you want! The device works according to your mood and desires. The portable design has a sleek finesse giving it an overall compact outlook. 110mm tall estimating to be approximately 4 inches in length, the Yocan Regen Vape Pen has a girth of 19 mm only which allows it to fit in your palm effectively and comfortably. The dab pen comes in a variety of colors having a broad range which favors both – the sleek and subtle as well as the loud and proud genre.

Features Included in the Product Package:
• Yocan Regen Vape Pen
• Quartz Dual Coil
• Quartz Tri Coil
• 1100mAh Battery
• Loading Tool
• Hanging Ring
• Charging Cable
• User Manual

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