With air switch design, you can direct vape by inhaling. In addition, if the draw-activated mechanism fails, the system will automatically disable the draw-activated working mode.

Non-smokers… die every day. ...

Utillian - 721 Vaporizer

Yocan- Yocan Vane Advanced Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Yocan Vane Black version a premium portable device. The best vaporizer for you. It fits nicely into your slim jeans and vaporize on-the-go in style! The easy-to-load ceramic heating chamber produces strong and flavorful vapor in a matter of seconds. Yocan Vane boasts great battery life, and an extremely durable, high-quality construction from a trusted manufacturer. Users can draw only the purest flavor you'll ever taste from a vaporizer. Feature: Precision temp control Produces Top Quality Vapor Conduction Heating 200°F - 480°F (93 - 248°C) 30 Second Heat Up Time All Day Vaping Battery Power Learn more Yocan Vane on YocanTech.com

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