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VEEBA Disposable Vape - Yellow (ET)

VEEBA Disposable Vape - Yellow (ET)

VEEBA is a disposable vape product designed to provide convenience and ease of use for the legal aged nicotine user. It does not have any of the rituals associated with traditional vaping, such as recharging a battery, refilling a cartridge, replacing a coil, or standard maintenance like cleaning the device. VEEBA provides a consistent experience in every draw. The premium battery will last until all the e-liquid is fully depleted.
A game-changing vaping device from the inside out.

Flavour: A refined vaping experience in which a mix of exotic notes and fruity aromas are balanced by minty undertones. (Apple, Watermelon, Mint)​

Key Features:

• Pre-filled e-liquid capacity: 2mL
• Lightweight aluminum body
• Nicotine: 20mg/mL - 1.8%
• Battery: Fully charged 280 mAh
• Low battery light indicator
• Puff count per device: ~350*
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