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Z Pod

Z Pods Lex - Honey Dew Melon Ice

Z Pods Lex - Honey Dew Melon Ice

This one is a fresh and frizzy menthol flavour that soothes your throat as you inhale. It comes with a citrus surprise.


Introducing Z Pods Lex:

  • 10000 Puffs
  • 18 ml E-liquid
  • 20 mg Nic salts
  • Exciting Flavour Profiles 
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Advance Mesh coil

20 mg Nic Salt Throat Hit

Indulge in an elevated vaping experience with Z Pods Lex Disposable vape, where smoothness takes center stage. Nicotine enthusiasts celebrate the perfect blend in our 20 mg Nic salts formulation, offering a vaping sensation unparalleled in its kind. Crafted for those yearning for a velvety-smooth throat hit combined with swift nicotine absorption, Z Pods hit the sweet spot. Whether making the switch from traditional cigarettes or desiring a more robust hit, our Nic salts accommodate all preferences, ensuring a gratifying puff with each inhale


18 ml of E-Liquid

Introducing 18 ml of E-liquid in the Z Pod Lex. Beyond mere longevity, this device offers depth in every puff. With a generous 18 ml capacity, each inhale promises a rich and satisfying experience. The abundance of E-liquid not only extends usage but guarantees a consistent flavor profile from the first puff to the thousandth. Whether it's the initial draw or a seasoned session, the Z Pod Lex ensures the flavor remains true throughout the life of the device.

Puffs that Last: 10000 Puff Count

Savor with Z Pod LEX 10000 Puff Count – an investment in longevity. This impressive puff count translates to fewer replacements and more consistent vaping sessions. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology embedded in Z Pod LEX, even as you approach the 10,000th puff, the vaping experience remains top-notch. For the average user, this could mean weeks of uninterrupted use before contemplating a replacement. Enjoy lasting satisfaction with each puff, making Z Pod LEX a reliable choice for extended vaping pleasure

Cutting-Edge Innovation: Mesh coils 

Explore the extraordinary technology with Z Pod Lex Disposable vape, featuring cutting-edge Mesh Coil technology. Mesh coils, celebrated for their expansive surface area, ensure even heating, allowing the nuanced flavors to shine. Brace yourself for a vaping adventure that goes beyond the norm, promising heightened tastes, denser clouds, and an experience that establishes a new standard in vaping pleasure.

Unique 20 Flavors: World of Taste Awaits with Z Pods Lex

Z Pods Lex Disposable vape takes your vaping experience to a whole new level with its diverse and meticulously crafted flavor profile. Our commitment to delivering exceptional taste is evident in the thoughtfully curated selection of flavors, each designed to cater to a variety of preferences.

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